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  • Parc de la Rivière-Chaudière

    A 3.7 km path including 2.5 km of cycling path and 1.2 km of hiking path is located nearby Chaudière river.

  • Municipalité de Chartierville

    La municipalité de Chartierville vous accueille avec ses beaux panoramas et ses attraits touristiques hors du commun.

  • Parc national du Mont-Mégantic

    Ascending Mont Saint-Joseph or Mont Mégantic, discovering ASTROLab and the astronomy observatories and exploring the mountain and the sky make Parc na...

  • Complexe Baie-des-Sables - Outdoor Activities

    Outdoor activity center on the Mégantic lake.

  • Sentiers du Mont-Bélanger

    CLOSED FROM MID-SEPTEMBER TO MID-MAY - Trail network includes 18 km to the summit of Mount Belanger and 10 km trail loop for an astonishing view of...

  • Mont Gosford

    This vast wilderness embraces the highest summit (1,193 m) of southern Quebec and has a welcome centre at the foot of the mountain open year-round, 40...

  • Parc national de Frontenac - Hiking

    Go for a walk in the great outdoors! Parc national de Frontenac offers many trails that are rated from easy to intermediate and range in length from 3...

  • Sentiers du Clocher Walking Paths

    Walking paths along the Quirion Stream cross rich natural habitats where one finds remarkable fauna and flora.

  • Sentiers frontaliers

    The hiking trails network Sentiers frontaliers (135 km) links the Parc national du Mont-Mégantic with the territory of Mount Gosford (1 193 m - the hi...

  • Montagne de Marbre

    After climbing up Montagne de Marbre (Marble Mountain), have your piocture taken by the Summit Meeting Guidepost ("rencontre au sommet". It indicates ...